Industrial Cost Engineering, Inc. provides estimating services by giving you a complete estimate broken down to suit your requirements with current unit costs for site, civil, structural, and buildings by size and type of construction.

The following steps are needed to start an estimate.

  1. Written scope of work under consideration.
    • Provide as much detailed information as available.
    • Identify labor union or open shop.
    • Specify location of project.

  2. Describe (if known) the type of Estimate required.
    (II) Factored or (III) Study

  3. Email this information to:

  4. After receipt, ICE will:
    • Suggest the probable obtainable estimate accuracy.
    • Recommend the time and cost to prepare estimate.

  • Upon reaching an agreement, e-mail a Purchase Order to

  • After receipt of the Purchase Order, ICE will develop and deliver by e-mail a complete estimate.

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